British embassy warns nationals to not be involved in drugs

Recently, the country was rattled by the police force’s tough strategy on combating illegal drugs. Eradicating illegal drugs in the country has been President Rodrigo Duterte’s promise during his campaign for the presidency. Along with the rise in number of killings of alleged drug pushers and users, the British Embassy in Manila warned its nationals who are planning to travel to the Philippines to not be involved in illegal drugs. The embassy advised its nationals that the police force in the Philippines are ‘publicly encouraged’ to kill drug traffickers and users.

The advice read as: “Penalties for importing and using illegal drugs are particularly severe; police and other authorities have been publicly encouraged to kill suspected drug traffickers who resist arrest.” Aside from advising to better not be involved in illegal drugs, the embassy warned the would-be British tourists about the high incidence of street crime in the country. It also said that threat of terrorism is high as there has been an increase of kidnapping by foreign nationals brought to the country. As of now, there have reportedly been more than 100 people slain in the anti-drugs operation.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said that the operations on busting illegal drugs and traffickers by the police have reached its momentum and there is no reason to stop anytime now. Thousands have already surrendered, and many have already died. Dela Rosa was supported by the Office of the Solicitor General saying that the PNP should be given a presumption of regularity in performing its duties. With the recent statement released by the British embassy, it is still yet to be found out whether the recent events would help tourism in the country or otherwise.


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