De Lima To The House Of Representatives’ Leaders: “Bakit Ako Iimbestigahan”

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez filed a House Resolution 105 that aims to conduct a probe to the illegal drug trade happened inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), especially during the term of Senator Leila De Lima as the Justice Secretary.
However, De Lima opposed and defends herself against leaders of the House of Representatives, insisting that they should not involve her to the probe. According to De Lima, she cannot understand why she has to go through a probe when there is no a “legitimate matter”.
She said on Tuesday:
I was the one who initiated that, why should I be the one investigated? I was the one who took the initiative to do something. I was the one who exposed, the problems there, and they know how I exerted certain efforts, took some steps after discovering all those in Bilibid.
It can be recalled that there was a raid held at the Bilibid way back in 2014, but the leaders of the House of Representatives have decided to investigate De Lima and ask some questions.
Thus, if the House of Representatives continues to investigate the senator, De Lima is firm not to attend the congressional inquiry.
Why do you think De Lima doesn’t want to attend the probe?

Source: Trendtitan

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