Duterte: I will show to you the matrix, nandoon si De Lima as highest officials involved in drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte said he will announce probably this week, the drug matrix of New Bilibid Prison showing Senator Leila De Lima involvement in the illegal drug trade as one of the highest officials. 

According to his interview, he said, "I will show to you maybe this week the matrix, vina-validate ko lang, iyong matrix ng Muntinlupa. Nandoon si De Lima sa matrix so it would show her her role there." Also, Duterte said one governor and an undersecretary were included in the matrix. But he refused to give more details about alleged organizational structure. "There is also a governor. I know he is my friend but I could not believe it. Eh nandiyan siya sa revelation. [There] is a governor and an undersecretary," Duterte said. 

 According to the report, the alleged undersecretary was Justice Undersecretary Francisco Baraan. Recently, Duterte already said he will reveal more names involved in illegal drug trade among of them were judge,policemen and barangay captains.

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