Senator Dick Gordon lashes out to Commission on Human Rights (CHR) MUST READ!

Gordon To CHR: “People Riding In Tandem Killing People, And We Just Keep Quiet?”. 
Senator Dick Gordon lashes out to Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Monday regarding the number of people that were killed by riding in tandem on motorcycles.

The senator reiterates since 1986, there were at least 58 journalists and 19 judges who were shot dead by riding in tandems. This must urge the CHR to conduct a probe and arrest those riding in tandems, instead of focusing on the ‘extra-judicial killings’ accusations as part of the anti-drug campaign of Duterte administration.
Sinasabi natin unexplained killings, let me ask the Commission on Human Rights, ilan ba ang napatay na mga riding in tandem dito sa bansa natin? How come I don’t hear any noise that has been going on for the last 10 years? People riding in tandem shooting people down and we just keep quiet.-Sen. Dick Gordon

Due to the number of this crime, the Philippines was labeled as the murder capital for journalists in the whole world.

The silence is deafening, and we must all work together as a nation to lift the silence on this matter.

Gordon’s initiative to cut the silence on the riding in tandem killings shows that Commission on Human Rights failed to balance and conduct a probe to other crimes and instead had followed the request of Sen. De Lima to conduct a probe on the ‘extra-judicial killings’ of Duterte’s men.

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