VIRAL NEWS: Netizens lauded 911 and MMDA for providing services to a woman who call for help FREE!

The netizens lauded 911 service and MMDA team for immediate response to a woman who call for help in the middle of the road, providing assistance and services for free.

It started when Danica and her friend traveling to Ortigas when they suddenly noticed a smoke coming out of the hood.

For fear of the car catching fire,  they stopped right in the middle of the road, not knowing what to do, so they called 911 for help.

The 911 operator gave an advice to Mimi to stay in the car calmly and wait for the responders team, prompting in jest that if they don't, President Duterte will get mad.

Minutes later, the MMDA towing service provider came and brought her car to the casa, fixed everything for free and assures them to be back home safely.

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