Breaking News: Sandra Cam vows to reveal De Lima’s secrets

 Sandra Cam threatened De Lima that she will soon expose more of her alleged crimes
- Cam said that she now feels vindicated after her accusations against De Lima were ignored for many years
- Cam also clarified that she was not the one who provided President Duterte with his alleged evidence against De Lima
Sandra Cam, a former whistle-blower, vowed on Thursday to expose Senator Leila de Lima’s darkest secrets during her time as the Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary.
Cam also slammed De Lima for belittling the drug matrix revealed by President Rodrigo Duterte which allegedly shows the senator’s link to the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).
“Wag mo nang sabihing kabalastugan ito lahat dahil lalo ka naming ididiin. Mag-hintay ka lang. Maraming lulutang, pati ‘yung delivery ng (drug money) sa iyong bahay,” Cam said.
(Do not say that our accusations are garbage because we will just accuse you more. Just wait. More will be revealed, even the delivery of the drug money to your house.)
Cam also talked about feeling vindicated nowadays after many years of being allegedly ignored and ridiculed for trying to expose De Lima.
“I’m very willing to face her fair and square dahil 2012 pa kaming nagkakabanggan(because we have been arguing since 2012), kahit pinagtatawanan ako noon (I was being ridiculed back then). At least now I feel vindicated. For so many years like I was a voice in a wilderness na walang umiintindi, walang nakikinig (who no one heard and understood),” Cam told the media at Camp Crame.

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However, Cam clarified that she was not the one who provided Duterte with the information about De Lima’s alleged ties to the drug trade at the NBP. She pointed out that the President has plenty of intelligence sources which provide him with alleged evidence against the neophyte senator.
De Lima and Duterte had been engaged in a war for several months now. De Lima had accused Duterte of being involved with the extrajudicial killings as the former mayor of Davao City and had criticized his administration for failing to stop the spate of summary killings since he became the President.
On the other hand, Duterte had accused De Lima of protecting drug lords detained at the Bilibid in order to profit from their drug trade. (source: Kami Media)

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