Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday questioned the Senate justice committee's intention in holding an inquiry on the rising number of extrajudicial killings and summary executions of alleged drug dealers.

In a speech during a Senate inquiry on drug-related killings, Cayetano cited Administrative Order 35 under the previous Aquino administration, which he said had a more exclusive definition of EJKs. "Ayon sa AO 35: “The victim was a member or affiliated of an organization to include political, environmental, agrarian labor, or similar causes. An advocate of the abovenamed causes, media practitioners etc. Ibig sabihin po, labor leader ka, media ka, religious leader ka. Pinatay ka dahil sa paniniwala mo...Ang common criminals at crimes, hindi kasama sa extrajudicial killings.”
Cayetano expressed fears that the Senate inquiry would send a backlash to the country's law enforcement bodies. Before he could finish his last slide, Cayetano was cut by De Lima, who strictly enforced a five-minute rule for the senators' opening speeches. "Time is up," De Lima told Cayetano, who then uttered his final statement.

"Ang statement ni Pangulong Duterte at PNP Chief Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa na nagsasabi, 'Ayoko ng EJKs... So be fair. Pero sana sa interviews, and kapatid sa media, panay ang report n'yo na gusto ng pangulo at ng PNP ng EJKs," he said. In response, De Lima said resource speakers would be asked throughout the hearing to help properly define which among the killings should be classified as EJKs.

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