A Viral Post Exposed The True Identity Of De Lima's Star Witness, 'He Is A Gun For Hire'

The fishermen of Samal, a place where marine life is abundant, recognized Edgar Motabato

 If you mix simple truths with outrageous lies, the whole thing still becomes a lie! This is not a Senate hearing on extra-judicial killings on Duterte's war on drugs, this is about the LP trying to replace President Duterte!

There is no Gaisano Subdivision in Davao or Samal; Vita-C office in Davao is not just beside McDonalds (and there is definitely no McDo Hotel - my heart goes to Jollibee for this insensitive remark); the Ateneo de Davao is not just beside Philippine Women's College; if you have 30 people firing at you simultaneously, you would be dead (unless you are Jason Bourne); Lambada song was released 1989, the movie was in 1990 (how could you be called that in '88)  

Matobato is the same witness they had three years ago, that should be enough time to build a strong case vs. Digong, but alas, this turned out to be just one of Delima's publicity stunts (others are the Maguindanao Massacre, SAF 44 incident, MJ Veloso Recruiter saga, National Bilibid Scandal, etc...not one case was ever resolved) 

A certain Mgsr. Olaguer (former Bilibid Chaplain) allegedly coddled and protected Matobato, yes, the same person seen at a picture of Colangco's birthday party at the bilibid and the same person who interviewed Jaybee Sebastian in a bilibid documentary (magbabarkada talaga sila, you do not need rocket science to figure out who brought the witness to the hearing)  

Key persons immediately refuted Matobato statements (alleged kidnapping of Nograles bodyguards, communication with Gen. Bato, Sali Makdum claim, etc...)   [source]

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