Aguirre to Trillanes: 'How are you going to impeach a President who have 97% trust rate? No one believes Matobo, De lima and especially you!'

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has belittled the chance of any plan to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte especially one that will be led by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.
“Trillanes lacks the credibility to mount any case against the President, much more his impeachment with a 97 percent trust rating,” said Aguirre in an interview with ANC’s Karen Davila.
(Davila asked if there was a new trust rating report on Duterte after his record 91 percent rating at the start of his term last June. But Aguirre said he was just given a report that Détente’s trust rating has gone up.)
Trillanes delivered a speech Monday asking the Senate Blue Ribbon committee to investigate the President. “We have seen the different corroborating evidence on the testimony of Mr. Edgar Matobato, we are faced with a very frightening prospect—that is of having a mass murderer as President of the country,” said Trillanes.
But Aguirre said the President was not rattled by Trillanes’ moves.
“He (Trillanes) can’t beat a dead horse or get something out of stone like Matobato who is a perjured, coached witness,” said Aguirre.
“Nobody believes Matobato, (Sen. Leila) de Lima, and especially Trillanes,” said Aguirre. [source]


  1. The Philippines is very fortunate to have a strong and caring president. President Duterte is a true CHAMPION! Per S. Kazzem “Truth recognizes truth, just as a man with real talent is the first to recognize another with real talent. Likewise, superficiality attracts others with an artificial surface. Only the superficial applaud the superficial. A man of true substance rejects the superficial because he seeks only truth and depth. Based on this reasoning, you can easily measure the weight of any man's character just by observing who he admires.” KUDOS to all the 16 million people who elected and supported Pres. Duterte. God bless you all!

  2. we rather have a crinimal mass murderers than drugs lords in the government officials sitting on the bench getting millions while innocent filipinos are suffering. kids get raped and killed by drug addicts. perhaps we civilian need to put justice in our hands to clean our country not in the hands of our corrupt officials


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