Bato Reveals His Basic Salary: Wondering Why He Can't Be Bribed?

Bribery is one undeniable possibility that might happen just anywhere – may it be in a government or private agency or to an ordinary person or to the highest officials. What can only block it is the dignity of the person and the will to uphold his or her duty with honesty and justice.
In a recent news report in Inquirer, the chief of the Philippine National Police, PNP Dir. Gen. Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa acknowledged bribery and assured the citizenry that he can’t be bribed.
Aside from the visible determination of the PNP chief to uphold his duties, Bato also revealed his monthly living which makes him consider himself the ‘richest cop in the Philippines’ as the report states.

As Philippine National Police chief, his basic salary and allowances run up to P133,114 a month, which is almost six times the P22,696 monthly pay of the lowest Police Officer 1 (PO1).

At least P1,500 is deducted monthly as payment for his use of the White House, the official residence of the PNP chief in Camp Crame, Dela Rosa said during a visit here on Monday.
“That’s why I cannot be bribed by gambling lords,” he said. source

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