BREAKING NEWS: Du30 admits he may not stop drug problem in PH during his lifetime

The drug problem may not be solved within his six-year term or probably his lifetime, so President Duterte has asked the military to carry on with the job of protecting the nation from illegal drugs even when he is gone.
” This might outlast me, or me interdicting it and putting it to stop,” Duterte said during the 48th founding anniversary of the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing in Pasay City.
“Ang hingiin ko lang sa inyo, kayong mga sundalo ng Pilipinas, kung it will outlast me at nandiyan pa ‘yan, wala na ako, bilang lang naman ang isang President, I would just like to ask you a favor.”
“Huwag ninyong hayaan na talagang itong country will take a deep spin and because you will compromise our children and their children, ‘yung mga apo ninyo. So ‘yan lang ang hingin ko.”
Duterte, 71, made the call in the wake of problems besetting his bloody anti-drug campaign marred by killings of drug suspects.
He admitted also that he does not have enough budget to work on the rehabilitation of over 600,000 drug dependents who surrendered to the police.

Duterte said it won’t matter if the next ones will not wage a bloody war, as long as the drug menace is addressed, if not eradicated.
“Maski na sabihin ninyo wala kayong sundin sa style ko, it’s okay, that’s no problem actually,” he said.

“But what I’m just asking you is that if it will outlast me, kung mamatay ako at hindi ako nakatapos, or for any reason or whatever, then ang hingiin ko lang sa inyo, from your commander to, isa lang: Huwag mo lang hayaan ang… kawawa ang Pilipinas pagka ganon. Kawawa talaga,” he added.
Recognizing the magnitude of the problem and the tentacles of drug syndicated which penetrated the judicial system and the uniformed services, Duterte fell short of admitting that he cannot solve the problem within six months of his administration– a promise he made during the campaign.
” And the reason why wala akong magawa sa mga ito because pumasok ang pulis, pumasok ang huwes, pumasok ang pulitiko,” the President said.

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