BREAKING NEWS: President Duterte Warns The Filipinos For More Bombings In The Country!

President Rodrigo Duterte warns Filipinos of more bombings as PNP Chief Dela Rosa confirms that the bombing happened in Davao City is affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syra or ISIS. Which left 14 people executed and 70 others were hurt. 

After his working visit in Indonesia, Duterte released a statement saying, “There will be more [bombings] because of retaliations, reprisals.”

However, details has not been revealed by the President due to the ongoing investigations of the National Security.

He added that, “There will be a day of reckoning. Wait for it.” 

Dela Rosa mentioned in the Mimaropa regional police office that celebrate their anniversary last Sunday, “They share the same faith as that of the Abu Sayyaf group. They both pledged allegiance to ISIS.” 

He also added authorities has already identified the person who is actually responsible on planting the bomb in a massage booth at the Night Market in Roxas, Davao Citylast September 7. However, they refuse to acknowledge the suspect’s name due to the ongoing investigation.

Multiple charges are going to be filed against the suspect and the suspect is around 30 years old, slim build and 5’7 to 5’8 in height. 

President Duterte still looks into if Davao City is till the suitable place for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that Philippines will be hosting the following year. 

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