Cayetano barks at de Lima: You are not his lawyer

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano didn’t like Sen. Leila de Lima butting in his questioning and coaching her star witness, Edgar Matobato .
“I’d like to appreciate if I can ask my questions to sustain my train (of thought). You’re not his lawyer, you are chairman of the committee. He knows that the question is huwag na nating turuan,” said Cayetano during Thursday’s hearing
De Lima explained that she has to clarify to Matobato the questions thrown by Cayetano.
Matobato, according to his lawyer, is just a Grade 1 graduate.
Cayetano gave de Lima a put down when he pointed out that she was just a newbie in Congress, “I am a member of Congress for 18 years. Di po kami ini-interrupt ng chairman pag kami na po ang magsasalita,” said Cayetano.
“Hindi po siguro totoo yan, I just feel there is a need for clarification,” said de Lima.
“I brought witness here testing credibility. Can you allow me to do it my way?” said Cayetano.
“Go ahead,” retorted de Lima. [source]

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