Davao City Hall Proves Matobato Finished High School!

The witness at the senate inquiry on Extrajudicial KillingsEdgar Matobato once claimed that he only finished grade 1, justifying his alleged inconsistency on the court after senators questioned his credibility.

However, Davao City Hall have contradicted Matobato's claims as they release hisservice card and prove that contrary to his claim, he actually finished high school. The service card also showed records of Matobato during the dates in which he claimed to have already been working under the alleged death squad.

In his testimony, he claimed to have worked under the "Heinous Crime Section" of Davao City, however his record also proved that he worked as labor in Davao's city hall.

According to experts, if proven to be falsifying his statements, the witness may face charges as the senate proceeds with senator De Lima's case.

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