On Friday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that they have some high-profile New Bilibid Prison Inmates that will be testifying against De Lima. The lady senator was quick to dismiss the fact and state that these witnesses are not credible.

“That simply means nakakahuha na sila ng mga (they got) false/perjured witnesses. I’m not surprised anymore since, as I said before, I was warned already about their evil design and insidious moves, such as fabrication of evidence. Pawang mga kasinungalingan yan! (Those are absolute lies) That’s how evil and desperate they are,”

According to DOJ, in the September 20 hearing, two of the witnesses that will testify are Herbert Colangco and Noel Martinez. These two inmates are among the so-called “Bilibid 19” who were tranferred to the National Bureau of Investigation in 2014 with 10 more others. They have executed affidavits in front of public lawyers from the Public Attorney’s Office voluntarily.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said:

 “Very credible yan, ‘di katulad niMatobato. Hindi ka maaaring mag-coach ng 12 testigo na nagkakatugma tugma ang kanilang sinasabi,”

The high-profile inmates were allegedly directed by another high-profile NBP drug inmate, Jaybee Sebastian, to sell large volumes of shabu, as early as 2013, to contribute to De Lima’s 2016 campaign kitty.

 “Sila ang inatasan ni Jaybee Sebastian na magsimulang magbenta ng droga at yung pinagbenta dyan kinukuha ang kontribusyon para daw sa candidacy ni De Lima, simula pa 2013,”

The justice chief said that the witnesses were not given any conditions if they testify and that they did so voluntarily. [source]

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