De Lima Fires Back To Lacson: “Is He Convinced Of The Authenticity Of The Stories From Witnesses?”

n response to Senator Panfilo Lacson’s statement yesterday that evidence from the witnesses are just enough to file a case against Senator Leila De Lima, the latter could not do anything but to lashes out to Lacson.
Lacson said yesterday that he checked the affidavits one by one of those witnesses and he must say that there are credible enough to file a case against De Lima under the Republic Act 9165.
"Akala ko ba pinagtatawanan lang ni Sen. Ping Lacson itong persecution and harassments being done to me? as he recalls his own harrowing experience with the Mawanay episode".
"Why is Sen. Ping saying now, based on media reports, that there’s enough basis to now file charges against me presiding from what transpired at yesterday’s house hearing? Is he convinced of the authenticity and veracity of the stories of those obviously perjured witnesses?"
I’m aghast by some people’s propensity for doublespeak.” -Sen. De Lima. [source]

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