Duterte couldn’t have ordered killing of Nograles’ bodyguards. Tulfo tells why

President Rodrigo Duterte would’ve already been dead if it were true that he ordered the killing of former House Speaker Prospero Nograles’ bodyguards, as alleged by self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato.
Broadcast journalist Ramon Tulfo said there was no way Duterte could have ordered the killing of four of Nograles’ bodyguards even if they happened to be mortal political enemies for the simple reason that the former Speaker’s men were Marines.
Then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gave Marines as bodyguards to Nograles because of his position, he said.
“Now, if Duterte and his men kidnapped and killed four Marines, the whole Philippine Marine Corps would have run after them,” Tulfo said in his Philippine Daily Inquirer column published Saturday (Sept. 17).
“The Marine Corps is a tightly knit brotherhood; if you kill a Marine doing his job, you incur the anger of the entire corps,” he added.
As proof of how far Marines would go to avenge the death of one of their own, Tulfo said men from a barangay in Basilan “paid dearly” after a platoon of Marines was ambushed sometime in the 1990s.
Matobato claimed to have kidnapped and killed four of Nograles’ bodyguards on Duterte’s orders during the Senate justice and human rights committee’s hearing on drug-related killings last Sept.15.
Nograles, however, has denied that any of his staff has been killed because of politics. [source]

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