Duterte wants CCTV installed in gov’t agencies

In the interest of transparency, President Rodrigo Duterte is bent on having closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in all government offices to monitor the activities of their employees.
Fresh from his trips to Laos and Indonesia, Duterte said Saturday (Sept. 10) that he doesn’t see anything wrong with placing government employees under surveillance in their offices as a deterrent to corruption.
“I will place cameras there, like a Gestapo. And it’s perfectly alright for me. Why? This is government. This is not a private enterprise. There is no such thing as a violation of privacy there,” he said in a speech at the Davao City International Airport, referring to the secret police agency of Nazi Germany.
Duterte, who has vowed to rid the government of corruption, stressed that the government must be open to the people.
“Kung sa gobyerno ka, it must be open,” he said.

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