GOOD NEWS: Illegal drugs supply decreases by 90 percent

Because of the persistent war on drugs of the government, PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa proudly announced that the supply of illegal drugs in the Philippines was cut down by 90 percent.
Dela Rosa said that they stopped about 80 percent of illegal drugs and it’s ingredients from coming in the country.
“We have severely cut the head of the supply with the operation in Bilibid,” Dela Rosa said in his recent visit in Zamboanga City.

He believes that the supply started to drop when they the Special Action Forces were deployed inside the National Penitentiary. He said that the action to destroy all the communication gadgets that used by the alleged drug lords stopped them to contact the outside world.

“Sino ang tatawagan nila para mag distribute? Putol ang operation center ng illegal drug trade ng Pilipinas ngayon dahil nga na-control ng Special Action Force and Bilibid. This is as far as bilibid is concern,” he added.
Netizens praised the PNP Chief for his newest accomplishment and they believe that the law-enforcers can reach their goal within six months.

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