Lacson: 'Their testimonies are strong evidence against De Lima hindi pwedeng baliwalain."

Explosive so far.
This was how Sen. Panfilo Lacson described Tuesday the testimonies offered by resource persons at the House of Representatives’ hearing on Sen. Leila de Lima’s alleged links to the drug trade.
Lacson said that even if some of the resource persons were convicted criminals, they gave information that were verifiable – including the number that convicted drug lord Herbert Colanggco used to call de Lima.
“(S)o far explosive ang mga (sinabi), although they came from inmates and convicted felons ito. But we cannot also disregard the spontaneity ng sinasabi nila,” he said.
“That’s why I’m interested to hear para kung sakaling magkaroon ako ng decision sa mga motion dito, informed decision ang gagawin ko,” he added.
Lacson said that at least for now, the testimonies should not be dismissed just because they came from convicts at the New Bilibid Prison.
“Even a self-confessed hitman tinatanggap namin dito. Kaya there’s no difference between a self-confessed hitman who testified at least 50 people pinatay niya at winakwak ang katawan para ilabas ang bituka, walang diprensya yan sa mga nag-testify na convicted for kidnapping, robbery, and so forth,” he said.
“Ang tinitingnan ko ang tine-testify nila, hindi ang taong nagte-testify,” he added.
Lacson said he is particular about the facts that are verifiable and verified.
He cited the contact number of de Lima as specified by Colanggco, which was also in the contact list of Sen. Vicente Sotto III.
“Paano nalaman ni Colanggco yan, kung hindi talaga niya natawagan? Ito ang verifiable facts na na-verify ang nag-a-appear ngayon na talagang kung mag-fact check ka, totoo. That’s what I mean. I’m not particular on the person testifying. Ang tinitingnan ko mga content ng tine-testify niya,” he said.
Lacson also said he does not discount the possibility the resource persons at the House probe were coached, just as he does not dismiss all the claims made by Edgar Matobato, the self-proclaimed former hitman who testified at the Senate last week.
“Si Matobato, di ko dini-dismiss na lahat na sinabi niya ay hindi totoo. Pwedeng may sinabi siyang totoo pero confused lang ako. Which one? Alin ba ang totoo alin ang di totoo? Meron na akong nakitang hindi totoo, ngayon I want to find out ano ba ang totoo sa sinabi niya? Naroon pa ako sa pag-verify kung alin sa tinestify niya ang totoo,” he said. [source]

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