LOOK: Is that you, Stallone? Duterte rocks aviators a la ‘Cobra’

President Rodrigo Duterte looked every bit the action star Saturday (September 17) during his visit to Camp Melchor F. Dela Cruz in Isabela.
Movie buffs will realize that Duterte’s look had an uncanny resemblance to that of Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone’s in the 1986 thriller-action flick, “Cobra”. Just check out the President’s aviator sunglasses and usual unbuttoned polo shirt.
Incidentally, Stallone’s character in the film, Lt. Marion “Cobra” Cobretti, is a tough-as-nails crime fighter which is not unlike Duterte’s image.
However, some people might find it ironic that Cobra battles a secret crime group carrying out summary executions.
Aviators became a fashion statement for tough dudes after World War II.

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