Pacquiao confirmed Matobato has a coach for his testimony

Athletes like Senator Manny Pacquiao aren’t the only ones who need a coach.
Pacquiao believes witnesses like Edgar Matobato train with a coach, too, before they face a public hearing and make an explosive revelation such as President Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged orders to kill several people when he was Davao City mayor.
The senator raised the possibility that Matobato was coached during the Senate justice committee’s hearing on drug-related killings Thursday (Sept. 22) because of the inconsistencies in his testimony.
“Because of your testimony, pa-iba-iba siya. So iniisip ko talaga na may nag-co-coach sayo, at may nagtuturo sa iyo,” Pacquiao said.
“Pag-apppear mo dito sa Senado, ang statement mo, pag-dinig namin, gulat lahat, galing ng statement. Itong pangalawa, salungat doon sa mga statement mo nung una. I’m sure may nagturo sa’yo, Sino nagturo sa'yo?” he added.
Among the discrepancies Pacquiao noted in Matobato’s testimony was his claim during the Sept. 15 hearing that Duterte ordered the killing of former Speaker Prospero Nograles’ bodyguards.
Nograles and Duterte used to be political rivals.
During Thursday’s hearing, however, Matobato said the men whom Duterte ordered killed were not part of Nograles’ staff but of a certain General Palparan and Matillano.
Pacquiao also took Matobato to task for claiming he was the bodyguard of Duterte’s son, incumbent Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, when he was an elementary student at the Ateneo de Davao University.
The senator said he has records to prove the younger Duterte went to school at the Philippine Women’s University. [source]

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