PNP now holds artist’s sketch of suspects in fatal Davao blast

The Philippine National Police (PNP) already has a physical profile of the possible suspects in the fatal blast in a Davao City night market that left 14 people dead.
PNP Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa, says that based on an artist’s sketch, one of the suspects who left the bag containing the explosives on Roxas Avenue Night Market has a long beard.
“We have their physical profile. But not their legal identity yet. Physical profile through an artist’s sketch and I don’t need to divulge that. There are significant developments. But we cannot divulge that because the investigation is still on-going. What I saw yesterday is that one of the suspects has a long beard. He was the one who left the package before it exploded,” Dela Rosa said in a conference.
The PNP is also looking into the possibility that drug lords colluded with the Abu Sayaff group (ASG) to conduct the deadly bombing in Davao City.
Dela Rosa says it is possible that groups or individuals involved in illegal drugs have paid the terrorist group to sow terror in the city.
“If the Abu Sayaff can kidnap people for money, they can also bomb people for money. They just want money. They can pay for bombs. You don’t have to kidnap people, but after all they’re terrorists. They are after about terrorism,” said Dela Rosa.
It can be noted that the PNP and military are now going after drug lords and members of ASG.
Meanwhile, the PNP has called on the public to avoid spreading a message containing threats of series of bombings in Metro Manila. The police also assured of tightened security in the metropolis.
“All units are directed for deployment. Areas considered critical are being determined. These are crowded places. So, there’s an increased police presence there,” Explosive and Ordnance Division Chief, P/SSupt. Remigio Gregorio said. source

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