President Duterte wants everyone to see how he’ll beat UN and EU lawyers on EJK issue 'Lalampasohin ko sila!'

President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged the United Nations and the European Union to send their top-notch lawyers to the Philippines so they can give their best shot in pinning him down on the extra judicial killings.
Duterte said ‎he would allow the UN rapporteurs and EU lawyers to ask him anything they want on the extra judicial killings being blamed on him as long as he would be allowed to ask questions.
And Duterte wants the whole world to watch ‎so he wants the legal brawl done in a big venue.
“I am inviting the United Nations, si Ban Ki— ewan ko kung anong pangalan ng yawa na ‘yan. Ban Ki-moon, Ban Ki-sun. I am inviting the EU ‘yung pinakamahusay, send the best lawyer of your town, pati ang mga rapporteurs pumunta sila sa Pilipinas. I will write them a letter to invite them for an investigation. But in keeping with the time-honored principle of the right to be heard,” said Duterte in a speech in Misamis Oriental Thursday (September 22).
The UN and EU have criticized Duterte for ordering the police to shoot-to-kill drug suspects with summary killings hitting the 3,000 body count in just two months in office. But Duterte is confident these “self-righteous” groups won’t prove their claims.
“Matapos nila akong tanungin, tanungin ko sila. Sila, isa-isahin ko sila. You, you—in open forum, you can use the Senate o ‘yung Folk Arts (theater) whatever. Everybody will be invited. Tapos manood kayo, tingnan ninyo kung paano ko lampasuhin ‘yan mga yawa na ‘yan,” said Duterte.
‎This is how Duterte, who served a fiscal lawyer for nearly a decade before he entered politics in 1987, planned to tear apart the UN and EU lawyers: “Una ko lang tanong sa Rapporteur: I killed thousands? O, what was the name of the first victim? What happened? Where? For what reason? How was it done? What time was it?” [source]

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