President Duterte’s Achievements in 69 Days

1. The jobless and maltreated OFWs stranded in the Middle East finally coming home. News broke out on this as early as 2009. There are 9000 of them. First batch flew in August this year.
2. A one-stop-shop established for the OFWs and the ending of Tanim-Bala.
3. A government branch that finally implemented the FOI. 
4. A crack down on mining malpractices with 4 mines suspended to date and more coming as the government has just completed its audit.
5. Centralized and nationwide Emergency Response Team (911) and Citizen Complaint Hotline (8888) 
6. The gates of the DAR opened after being shut for more than a decade. 
7. A signed indefinite ceasefire agreement. 
8. An actual war against drugs. Say what you want about it but for every politician that said they were fighting it, this is the first time I can actually see it happening.
9. An increase in the allowance of Filipino athletes representing us in the Olympics. 
10. A president that has command responsibility and is willing to take the hit for his men which is driving increased morale in our police and military forces. Remember the lack of ownership during SAF44 and the HK Tourist Bus Hostage Crisis? 
11. A president who is arrogant enough to lead this small archipelago like it was the best country in the world and stand up to the powers that be. If you've travelled outside, you'd know that the Philippine Passport is an almost powerless passport. I do not know where he gets his nerve. I think in his heart and mind, he really believes this is the best country in the world. That's crazy. We all know we're not.
  • I was asked if I am experiencing buyer's remorse, having voted for such an uncouth president. Fine..... see more
    source: Jean Marnelli

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