Richard King’s Family Doesn’t Believe Paolo Duterte Behind Murder

According the Atty. Deolito Alvarez, lawyer of the King family, they are not convinced that Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte was behind the murder of businessman Richard King in 2014.
Alvarez said that the statement of the alleged member of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) Edgar Matobato in the Senate hearing about extrajudicial killings was not convincing.
“Absolutely false. I am convinced that the accused who are facing the charge in court are the perpetrators and the statements of the gunman, the lookout and driver of the getaway vehicle pointing to the accused mastermind are true,” Alvarez said according to an article in Inquirer.
Alvarez said that Matobato’s statements are more political than true.
“The statement of witness Matobato in trying to cast cloud and put politics into the equation is not true,” he added.
In Matobato’s statement he said that Vice Mayor Duterte, ordered the killing of Richard King because of a woman, added that Paolo and King were rivals when it came to women.
Matobato said his two companions, who were rebel returnees, were paid P500,000 to kill the businessman from Cebu.
Richard King, who died at 56, is a franchisee of McDonald’s fastfood restaurant in Cebu, he owned real estate and hotel businesses in Cebu and other parts of the country, was shot dead inside his office in Barrio Obrero, Davao City on June 12, 2014. [source]

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