Robin Padilla to Celebrity Drug Pushers 'Wala akong lugar para sa inyo. Problema kayo'

Action-star Robin Padilla had been among the most vocal celebrity supporters of newly-elect President Rodrigo Duterte ever since his campaign started. He expressed support for Duterte's advocacy to fight against crime, corruption and drugs. However, Padilla remains on his stand against publicizing the names of celebrity drug users for a disclosed reason.

He earlier said in an interview that he believed these celebrities are private citizens who are entitled to their right to privacy. 

He said drug testing should be voluntary for private citizens.

"Pag ikaw ay private citizen, hindi ka puwedeng pilitin. Kailangan voluntary 'yan," said Padilla.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Padilla noted the difference between users and pushers with regards to extending help for their rehabilitation whenever he is approached.

"Siguro kung user ka, matutulungan kita sa rehabilitation, kasi kailangan ‘yan. May rehabilitation," he said. 

However he also admitted that if pushers approached him, he will not be able to help, emphasizing how these people are menaces to society.

"Pero pusher, sorry, wala akong lugar para sa inyo. Problema kayo. Talagang nagdudusa ang bayan dahil sa inyo."

"Kung pusher kang artista, tigilan mo na 'yan, sumurrender ka na sa pulis," he added. [source]

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