RUMOR: Davao bombing, planned by Liberal Party in cooperation with the ASG


Manila, Philippines- This information was gathered by our team from a source who refused to show his identity but formerly a Liberal Party support staff.

According to the source, Davao bombing was already planned months ago. He added that the Liberal Party has direct connection with the ASG.

This was planned to trigger the President to make Philippines under Martial Law. Knowing that Davao was the President's home town, it'll be an effective strategy to trigger him.

"And if the President declares Martial Law, that will be the go signal for a People Power or Impeachment Complaint against the President then Robredo will take the post under Aquino's manipulation" he said. 

He ended up the interview saying "There will be more issues, more terrorism to come until LP gets what they want to so I suggest the President and his supporters to keep intact for the country was now in need of them. God Bless Philippines

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