Senator Tito Sotto slams Duterte's Critics "Wala kayong alam sa peace and order!"

President Rodrigo Duterte's won during the last Presidential election is one for the books after he gained a whooping and record-breaking 16 million votes. With the criminality in the country that has gone rampant and out of hand, Duterte's platform was promising, it seemed like an offer no one could resist.

His promise of eradicating drug and criminality in the country for 6 months seemed nearly impossible but in just a few months since his term started he had been delivering.

Senator Tito Sotto was among those who have openly witnessed and appreciated this and after critics of the President have opposed his decision to declare a State ofLawless Violence due to the Davao bombing, Sotto came to Duterte's defense and slammed the critics saying this is Duterte's expertise clearly indicating his trust for Duterte's decision.

"Hwag natin haluan ng pananakot at guniguni ang declaration ni PDU30. He is an expert in Peace n Order, his critics are not!" Sotto posted on Twitter last September 5.

His tweet was lauded by many other supporters of Duterte and quickly he have gained the respect of netizens for his outright indication of trust and support towards Duterte.

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