Survivors of explosion in Davao narrate their experiences

Among those who witnessed the explosion was Jeramil Bansil, 33, who was working at the massage section of the night market. He narrated that he felt that he was hit by something.
Nihanap na ako panan-aw, hapdos kayo akong nawong (My sight turned blurry, I felt the pain on my face). Wa na ko kabalo naunsa akong customer, daghan ang nangatumba naniyagit ang mga tawo (I no longer knew where my customer went, many people fell on the ground, there was shouting all around me),” said Bansil while he was being treated at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).
Moreover, Joan Marie Salugsugan, a 20-year-old criminology student at the University of Mindanao, was one of the victims, she said that she was only eating at a food stand in the market when an explosion suddenly caused a commotion in the area.
I stayed there, and did not move, until somebody helped me, because I was hit on my left foot,” recounted Salugsugan.
According to Wilfredo Masucat Jr., a dim sum vendor who was also wounded, the explosion came from the massage section of the night market which explains why those who were wounded are mainly massage attendants and customers.
SMPC chief of clinics Dr. Ricardo Auldan said that the hospital will shoulder all the expenses of the victims of the explosion.
What we can assure you, we will shoulder all expenses,” said Auldan while also explaining that it is the responsibility of the government hospital to offer their services to the victims.
Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte has released a statement, expressing her sorrows for the victims. The Davao Mayor also assured the citizens that the government will be helping them and the suspects will surely pay.
We will not be terrorized by this heinous crime. I call on all Dabawenyos to unite, let us remain vigilant, please report any and all suspicious activity, no matter how insignificant it may seem,” said Duterte.
President Rodrigo Duterte has already visited the victims of the explosion and the families of those who died as well. source

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