Trillanes says Duterte’s silence on Matobato’s charges is a head-scratcher

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV is wondering why the usually talkative President Rodrigo Duterte is suddenly silent on the megaton bombs unloaded by self-confessed Davao Death Squad hitman Edgar Matobato.
In a radio interview, Trillanes said it was unusual for Duterte to speak for two straight days without tackling the charges made by Matobato that he formed the DDS and ordered the killing of over 1,000 people during his stint as Davao City mayor.
“Medyo unusual nga yan. Kasi kung ikaw ay pinaparatangan ng mali, talagang ano ka, you will have kumbaga indignant ka, magagalit ka,” said Trillanes.
He said Matobato’s charges were serious and have received “global coverage” (due to the worldwide concerns on the 3,000 unexplained kilings in Duterte’s first 3 months alone) that the President could not just hope that the public would forget about it.
“Ako nag oobserba lang sa mga reaksiyon at yung mga ganyan, these ae very serious accusations, nag-global na nga ang coverage sa international media, talagang diretsahan naakusahan siya through this witness,pero siya eh tahimik, yun ang kamangha-mangha,” said Duterte. ‎
Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said while Matobato sounded “credible,” his allegations against Duterte have yet to be verified and backed up by evidence. Duterte’s Cabinet have made blanket denials.
Trillanes said Duterte was probably so shocked by Matobato’s allegations, he was still unsure how he should react. Duterte himself acknowledged in May 2015 that he has ties to the DDS.
‎Trillanes said Duterte himself should be making the blanket denials and not his alter egos.
“Eh sana dapat sinabi niya kung ganoon di ba.. Kasi Presidente siya ng Pillipinas, may direct accusations against sa kanya, merong nag-aantay ng paliwanag galing sa kanya, o reaksiyon man lang galing sa kanya,” said Trillanes.

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