Trillanes Turned Off Cayetano's Microphone At The Senate Hearing

He turns off Senator Alan Peter Cayetano’s mic because he was out of order and he did not regret it.

That’s what Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV said Friday on why he turned off Cayetano’s mic at the Senate hearing on extrajudicial killings attributed to President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, last Thursday.

"Hindi po (ako nagsisisi). Kasi ganito po ang konteksto niyan eh. Nagiging out of order na siya... Kailangan kong gawin 'yon para hindi sila nagsasabayan ni Sen. de Lima," Trillanes said in an interview on Unang Balita.
According to a report from GMA News Online, he said De Lima, the chairperson of the committee conducting the hearing, does not know the master switch in front of her which she could have used to turn off Cayetano’s microphone to avoid having two people speak at the same time. Even De Lima scolded Cayetano on butting in while she was speaking, Cayetano still insisted to talk.

Trillanes also said Cayetano was being harsh on the witness, Edgar Matobato, a former member of the notorious Davao Death Squad and has said to have killed people on orders of then Davao mayor Duterte. "Bina-batter lang niya 'yung witness," Trillanes said.

He added that Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate for the 2016 national elections, was intentionally throwing questions to the witness to divert the attention of the committee.

"Alam ko 'yung intention niya. Gusto niyang ikonsumo 'yung oras ng committee... para malihis ang atensyon. Isang oras ang pagtatanong niya,"," he added.

Trillanes also defended Matobato as a credible witness after Cayetano doubts his statements.
"Sa kabuuan ng testimonya niya, credible siya at kapani-paniwala," he said.
Trillanes however said that whatever Matobato said should still be validated with evidence.
"Kinuwento lang ng testigo, nung , na eventually pinatay din," Trillanes said.  [source]

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