Cabinet Sec Evasco revealed media practitioners who accepted millions from LP to wipe-out Duterte through negative issues

September 30, Friday, Cabinet Secretary Leonicio Evasco mentioned that the Liberal Party (LP) and a rich businessmen ‘s plot to dethrone President Duterte “will fail.”

This is a part of the speech of Sec. Evasco in the ceremony of the new officers ofZamboanga del Norte United Correspondents (ZNUC).

Evasco mentioned, “Now, they are convincing the military and police, this Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, to join in their cause to topple Duterte.”

“That’s because they look down on us, they did not know that our minds were moulded by our experiences, our studies and our outlook of life that the elite don’t have,” he added. 

The elite, as mentioned by Evasco tries to wipe out President Duterte through media, with issues on killings, extra judicial killings and also former President Ferdinand Marcos’ burial.
Evasco said, “Sad to say, there are a lot of media practitioners who succumbed to the temptation of money. And we are talking of millions of pesos here.”

The said “group” went international. This is the whole idea why US President Barack Obama, UN (United Nations) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the European Union to scrutinize the EJK (extra judicial killings) in the Philippines.

“And it was good they did it because it was an opportunity for [President] Duterte to enunciate his independent foreign policy,” Evasco said.

He also added, “By being rich, America or the European Union or the UN have no right to tell us what is good for us. In pursuing an independent foreign policy, you must be a friend to everybody. And if the President is resisting the bullying of our supposed friend, the United States, it doesn’t mean we are ready aligning with the opposite, China or Russia.”

Evasco then mentioned, “But I want to tell you, my people in Dapitan and Zamboanga del Norte, they will fail, because anything you do – if it benefits the people – it will never be toppled down.”

The allegations is “absolutely not true” said Trillanes.

“Nothing but a misdirection from the political backlash the Duterte administration has been getting as a result of its bloody war on drugs,” Trillanes mentioned.

“President Duterte brought the crisis upon himself when he started killing his own people. It was made worse by the series of diplomatic blunders and controversial statements by the President himself,” he added.

Evasco told the media of Zamboanga del Norte to be true to the field that they have chosen despite of what is happening.

“The government and media have no other masters except the people. Tell the truth, defend the voiceless and oppressed. That is not easy, a lot of your colleagues were killed for doing that,” Evasco mentioned.

“But whatever it takes to tell and defend the truth, you face it because you committed to be media persons,” he added. [source]

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