DLSU professor insults Agot Isidro:'You may want to have a one-on-one with me on political literacy. You badly need it. You seem to be ignorant'

The controversial post of actress Agot Isidro against President Rody Duterte went viral to social media. It drew different reactions from people all over the world.
Antonio Contreras, a political science professor of De La Salle University Manila took to Facebook his two cents against Isidro's tirade to the president.

Read full post below:

Agot Isidro should be ashamed of herself. What she said is precisely what happens when you become mendicant. You think heavens will fall and we will all get hungry just because the US and the EU are pissed off.

Let me educate you Ms. Isidro. International relations is not as simple as you think it is. Countries do not behave like the soap opera characters you play where a bitchiness of one leads to a catfight, or a fistfight.

It is not what leaders say that matters. It is what is in their country's best interests.

You say we are not a superpower? My dear, we may not be but we are strategically located that countries like China and the US wouldl like to have a piece of us. Yes, Ms. Isidro. We have what many want except that we have been so effing loyal to the US even if it treats us badly in many agreements. Its about time we have to tell the US to treat us right since there are others ready and willing to take its place.

So before you even try ranting, read first. Okay.

By the way, I am a political scientist. You may want to have a one-on-one with me on political literacy. You badly need it. You seem to be ignorant of the nuances of politics and IR. Don't worry, I will not charge you for consultation. I will do it pro bono for the love of country. [source]


  1. I agree with you Professor. She needs a lot of study and research so that she can be guided. What she did is a manifestation of lack of love of our country. IGNORANCE is indeed disastrous. Ms. Isidro is just very much carried with the fantacies and make believe of her dramas.

  2. Look guys she just did what her psychiatrist suggested after her consultations.

    But she can do more for the country if she helps in eradicating illegal drug consumption in her sacred "showbiz industry".She revels America being a magna cum laude from a fashion institute in New York.It is far better than a graduate of Matute Fashion school in Quiapo...DU30 should tone down his WOW PI statements though.


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