Duterte warns Telcos: Improve Internet or I will allow foreign Telcos that will bring you down!

President Rodrigo Duterte has renewed his threat to allow foreign players to enter the Philippine telecommunications sector unless PLDT/Smart and Globe shape up.
In his speech at the National Banana Congress in Davao City Friday, Duterte announced his plan to have a mobile hotline where the public can text their complaints about corruption in government agencies.
He said Pangilinan— ostensibly referring to businessman and PLDT chairman Manny V. Pangilinan— and the Ayalas, who owns the holding company with a majority stock in Globe, could “contribute” to the number.
“Ito ngayon I’ll open a number… Mag-contribute si Pangilinan pati si Ayala ng numero ko, tutal they are… maraming pera sila dito. Wala kayong kumpetensiya. Mag-text ako, maghintay ako ng reply. Matulog na muna ako kinabukasan ko pa mabasa. Tinitiis ko lang ‘yan,” Duterte said.
The President then warned he of bringing competition— possibly from China— if the two telcos don’t improve their services.
“If you do not do it right, you wait, I’m going to China. I’ll open up everything for competition. Buksan ko na lang lahat,” he said.
Following his victory in the May polls, Duterte warned local telcos to improve their services or he will allow the entry of foreign players into the market.
For the communications guys, iyung internet connectivity, you improve the service or I will open the Philippines to competition. Pasok lahat. Then it will bring down [the price] and increase efficiency,” Duterte said last May 21. [source]

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  1. Yahoo! You can Put that in the bank. Itong MGa cronies ni Aquino ang sasasama MAGNANAKAW na MGa YELLOWISHIT. If you think 6 yrs president is short then we the people will propose 6 more years for president Du30.


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