Netizens Want to See Trillanes Back in Prison!

Duterte News, a local fansite of feisty Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte shared a controversial article urging others in regards Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's re-imprisonment.

Before we all came to know Trillanes as a senator, he became known to the public as the leader of the military group 'Magdalo' who took over a hotel situated in Makati back in July 2003 to air their grievances against the government and begin their crusade against corruption.

He is now a part of the Philippine senate, elected in 2007, and pursued post-graduate studies in the University of the Philippines finishing masters in Public Administration and Nationaland International Security Program at the Harvard Kennedy School inCambridge Massachusetts.

He graduated as Cum Laude at the Philippine Military Academy in 1995 with a degree inBachelor of Science in Naval System Engineering. He had also been well noted for his previous missions before as a naval officer as their unit ran after smugglers and illegal loggers. Among the highlights of his career is the search and rescue operation of the sunken MV Princess of the Orient.

Due to being a vocal critic of former President Gloria Arroyo, the senator was imprisoned for almost seven years and later on received pardon from Aquino. 

In line with the netizen's hope to see the senator once again inside the bars, will history repeat itself as the senator poses himself as a staunch critic of the current administration?

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