Sebastian: I'm not a govt. asset, De Lima purposely put my life in danger when she announced on TV that I'm an asset

New Bilibid Prison (NBP) drug lord Jaybee Sebastian has denied being a government asset, which has been among the key claims of Senator Leila de Lima in the entire NBP drug proliferation issue.
“Are you a government asset?” a member of the House Justice Committee asked Sebastian point blank during the continuation of the panel inquiry Monday, October 10.
“No your honor. Yan nga po gusto kong linawin dito,” answered the high-profile inmate who wore a personalized gray sweater.
“To be a government asset, I must sign papers. I never signed any papers,” he said.
Sebastian also said that De Lima put his life in danger when she announced on TV that he was an asset.
Other inmate-witnesses have claimed that De Lima used drug money to fund her campaign kitty.

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