WATCH: International Terrorist Nahuli! Blueprint ng isang Condo Mall nasa kang posisyon ng mahuli!

Police have discovered that a wanted man in the country has a blueprint of a condo-mall which he previously planned on bombing.

In the report of Lea Ylagan of UNTVMalaysian terrorist Mohamas Amin was arrested in his rented house at 104 Cotabato St. Brgy. Culiat, Quezon City.

Aside from the blueprint, a fragmentation grenade, several rounds of ammunition, various identification cards with different names, and cable wires.

Police authorities did not disclose which to condo-mall they were referring to to avoid panic from tenants but they said it is in Quezon City.

"We are now in coordination with the intelligence community if the suspect taught others about bomb-making where the training happened, and who are the persons trained. We are also determining what his mission was in Metro Manila," Pc. Insp. Roque Merdegia Jr. said.

Amin, who also goes by the names AsmanAkman Amin and Amin Aklam, is a bomb expert and is a subject of an arrest warrant for a kidnapping with frustrated murder case filed at the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Jolo, Sulu.

The owner of the house, Bilan Talaam, was charged with obstruction of justice and harbouring a fugitive or wanted person.

In Talaam's defense, he has no idea that Amin is actually a wanted person in the country.

Amin, who has $17,020 or 600,000 Philippine peso bounty on his head, is currently detained in jail.

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